Web Marketing Services


Social Marketing

You want to reach the right customers. It really is that simple. You know where they are and you want them to see what you have to offer. Anyone can create a campaign in Facebook and call it a day but what I offer is a vast knowledge of what attracts people. Simply creating a campaign isn't enough. Let's make your message viral.


Search Optimization

Google is everywhere. Most people don't even realize how far the Google fingers actually reach but it's vast. Virtually every single website you are going to visit today will have 2-3 ads on it that are relevant to you and all of them focused through the Google platform. What I can do for you is make sure that your message is hyper-targeted to only the most specific people on the most relevant websites. By simplifying our efforts and your message, we can make sure that only those that would be interested in seeing your product, see your product. 


SEO Evaluation & Instruction


Climbing to the top of search results has always been a challenge for brands. If you aren't on the first page of Google, then there is something being done wrong. I will review your website and step-by-step walk you through how to raise your rankings and keep on climbing until you are at the top. 


Alternative Strategies



Web Development

Sometimes marketing yourself and search and social just isn't enough. You want to see your product in more hands. You want more people to be talking about it. For cases like this, we have to get more creative. I specialize in out-of-the-box thinking to really stand out among the crowd. Let's chat and come up with something together that will outperform the competition.


When you're building your passion project and perfecting your website, how do you want it to look? Your web page is your brand and the most important thing is to be memorable. I am partnered with one of the top web designers on the market and I want to make sure your site becomes the dream you always had for it. David is a master in HTML, CSS, JS&JQ, PHP, APEX, python, drupal, bootstrap, wordpress, salesforce, mailchip, shopify, and woocommerce.