Get Rich... Or Very Literally Die Trying

In today’s era, the growing popularity of the Bitcoin, Dash, Litecon, and Ether clearly states the strong belief and desire of people for the cryptocurrency. 

In starting years, people found it obscure. However, as the people got familiar with this digital asset, it showed a commendable growth and development. Currently, many types of cryptocurrencies have been launched in the market and, in fact, are in great use. 

EA: The Real Sith Lord

EA has confronted lots of criticism by introducing "Loot Box" monetization in the game. And to its adverse effects, many governmental bodies have started considering it as a form of gambling, which has hurt not only the gaming worldwide but also the sale of this virtual item called "Loot Box".

How AR/VR Will Revolutionize Technology (and why that statement is a complete lie).

As Silicon Valley character Earl Bachman states, 
“It’s a VR play,” Bachman says. “That’s the frothiest space in the Valley right now. Nobody understands it but everyone wants in. Any idiot could walk into a fucking room, utter the letters ‘v’ and ‘r’, and VC’s would hurl bricks of cash at them.

“By the time they find out it’s vaporware, it’s too late. I’ve got to get into this.”

The Rise of Uniquely J

Walmart’s Unique challenge to Amazon – the Rise of Uniquely J

And, here begins another chapter in the Walmart-Amazon tussle as Walmart acquires to grab a bigger share of the millennials segment of the market. Uniquely J is now the new online face of Walmart.

This comes as a befitting answer to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market. With Uniquely J, Walmart is getting back at Amazon with the most well-thought move ever. Now, Walmart has never exactly eyed the millennials, evident from the lack of Walmart stores in the urban areas. 

Coca Without Cola

What started as a decade long rebranding and re-franchising endeavor will now manifest in its reintroduction to the American public. The root of the reason probably goes down to the fact that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how much sugar this cola giant has been feeding them for decades. It is, in fact, interesting that despite the increase in still beverages from Coke, the sales from the fizzy drinks have been stagnant.